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Improve your Effectivity

…by Increasing your Energy Our society provides endless opportunities for us to be stressed. This decreases our effectivity significantly, and in order to maintain it we need to start taking care of ourselves. The less stressed you feel the more your energy levels will soar, and this will transfer into greater productivity overall and specifically when […]

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Why You Should Try To Judge Less

It is something we all do… some more than others, but what if you learn how to have less judgements? And not only towards others, towards yourself as well! Think about what would change. Like this video? Maybe you know someone else who might like it. Thank you for sharing! And remember, you can always let […]

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The Magic of making videos

You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to promote yourself: Using VIDEOS!Not just because more and more people are using them, but because it works – your know, like, trustfactor increases when people see the real person behind your service or product.- your authority as an expert increases.- it’s a great personal way […]

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Why you should stop comparing yourself to others

We often compare ourselves to others… and though it can be inspiring, most of the times it is not. Watch my new videoblog and stop comparing yourself to others! Though, you can compare yourself to someone; you know who? Like this video? Maybe you know someone else who might like it. Thank you for sharing! […]

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How to tap into your feminine power

There are a significantly larger amount of women in positions of influence in the corporate world now, than there have been in the past. Many of them are still not taken seriously, just because they are female. This can be really discouraging especially when they are working twice as hard as many of the men […]

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People love networking (and you can too!)

How do you feel about networking?Not too fond of it? Or are you a regular visitor of meetings? Watch this video and use the tip to feel even more at ease networking… Like this video? Maybe you know someone else who might like it. Thank you for sharing! Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 +10 Share0

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5 ways to connect to your employees

Connect with your Employees – 5 Ways to get them Focused on the Company Mission. One of the most important (and sometimes most difficult) things to do as an entrepreneur is to get our employees as invested in the company’s mission as we are. The goal is to be able to speak to them in a […]

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