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People know- like & trust you; take the next step into Success

Some people can walk into any room or any situation and feel self-confident, and have a magnetic charisma that draws people to them.
They have a pleasant energy and people are curious to learn more about them. How do they do that? 

For some people, this comes natural... but most people are unaware of their Presence, which is the key to authentic confidence and charisma. It is something that everyone can learn though. When you're interested in learning how, keep reading!

I'm Elsewine Rietveld, former deer-in-headlights regarding public speaking to groups and on video.  When I learned about presence and kinesiology, it helped me to overcome my fears & blocks and to feel confident in all my conversations, presentations and on video. I'm really passionate about teaching others to connect to their inner power and be successful and full of self-confidence.



Who want to exude authenticity and command the stage.
 speakers who want to increase their charisma and impact. 
Beginners who would love to have more self-confidence and impact. 


And managers who have to speak often, both intern in the company and extern with their clients and customers. They want a pleasant, powerful charisma and an inspiring message that they can deliver with impact.


Who want to gain more self-confidence and charisma.
They want this both in their sales/networking conversations, as well as when giving workshops in front of an audience, or online in their video's.


Women who work surrounded by men and who want to learn how to embrace their feminine power. Also very suitable for women who are 'in their head' a lot and who want to feel powerful and feminine again.

How can I help you?

I work with professionals who want to be authentic and magnetic presenters and who want to make an impact with their message. If you want more confidence, so that you can be more at ease and be yourself in front of a group, then I can help. 

This is for you if you sometimes have trouble making your story short and to the point, especially when you’re not one hundred percent prepared. After you’ll work with me, whatever comes your way, you’ll be able to handle it and present whilst maintaining a powerful, magnetic radiance that others find attractive.

Also, I have powerful one to one sessions, where we can deep dive into your presentation, video, blocks or upcoming pitch.


Gijs WeeninkCEO Debat Academie

I attended the Male Presence workshop with a few colleagues and as a speech- and debating-trainer I was seriously impressed. In three hours time, Elsewine was able to turn 5 really experienced speakers into top speakers. I had heard a lot about this training but it surpassed my wildest expectations. I can really recommend this training to anyone who speaks in front of an audience regularly. I look forward to working with Elsewine again!

Elsewine is a professional and clear coach with a lot of integrity and a golden method: Presence. I give workshops myself and I’ve seen and done a lot at a very high level, so I always enjoy when I come across something really great. And this is it! I enjoyed the workshop with Elsewine. She is a nice and ambitious presence teacher and she’s all about 'practice what you preach'. I will definitely go again.

Lisa PortengenCEO Smart& Sexy
Ingeborg ter LaakCEO Zorgscala

Elsewines workshop has given me concrete tools to be confident thanks to Presence, without it becoming arrogance. My work consists of weighing interests, negotiation, being clear and firm, taking the lead and keeping a good basic relationship with everyone involved. I can implement the skills learnt from the Presence workshop on a daily basis and it has increased my overall impact. Elsewine is an experienced and respectful trainer who makes you want to learn from her and gain her insights. Thank you!

My Method

In my work I use a practical, highly effective method that delivers solid results for 100% of my clients (provided they do the work, of course! Nothing works if you don’t apply it). You’ll get practical tools for making a connection with your client and audience in an authentic and effective way, and how to make more impact with your speeches and how you can increase your 'know-like-trust factor'. When you increase your charisma, your self-confidence grows. And with that added confidence, you get noticed, you can make a bigger difference in peoples’ lives and you’re perceived as a valuable professional. 

This is not a theoretical training or workshop where you learn common tricks or average speaker skills.  

In my work I do not teach a learn-it-by-heart behavior that might work for someone else, but feels totally against your nature. By working with me you will get practical skills to stay true to yourself, feel centered and stay confident, even when the situation might be scary.

You'll know: 

    • How to develop a magnetic charisma to attract the attention you want, both in business and in personal life, so you feel confident and courageous, no matter the situation you're in.
    • How to be (even more) persuasive and inspiring in your presentations, so your audience remembers you and your message and takes the action you want.
    • How to go from self-consciousness to self-confidence, so you no longer stutter and stammer but instead always know what to say.
    • How to be more effective in your sales- and networking conversations, because people know-like-trust you, so you can make a promotion or find more clients that want to work with you.