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Improve your Effectivity Increasing your Energy

Our society provides endless opportunities for us to be stressed. This decreases our effectivity significantly, and in order to maintain it we need to start taking care of ourselves. The less stressed you feel the more your energy levels will soar, and this will transfer into greater productivity overall and specifically when preparing a meeting or a speech. Simple techniques and lifestyle changes can ensure that you are always performing at your peak. These include:

1. Exercise

Regular physical activity releases dopamine, which is known as the feel good hormone and has been proven to decrease stress levels. Exercise also helps increase your metabolism thus improving your natural energy levels.

2. Eat Healthy

What you eat directly affects your body’s ability to function properly, which in turn significantly affects to both your energy and stress levels. Eating a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates makes you sluggish, and even though caffeine can give you a boost too much will make you agitated. These are conditions which trigger stressful reactions. On the other hand, berries and nuts are natural pick me ups that can be eaten to boost both mental and physical performance.

3. Meditate

Living in the present moment is very important to the way that we think and feel. Worrying about something that might be going to happen, as well as beating yourself up about something that has already happened are two of the major causes of stress. Living in either the future or the past, means the present moment is being completely ignored. Meditation teaches us to quiet the mind and focus on where and when we actually are.

4. Sleep

When we are resting, both the body and the mind are being replenished. Without an adequate amount of sleep our ability to function is compromised and we are unable to work efficiently. As adults we need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, to help us wake up with increased energy levels.

Taking control of life by focusing on looking after yourself, is the best way to start eliminating the majority of the stress that you feel. This will automatically allow you to boost energy levels and professional performance.

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