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How to have your Ideas Taken seriously in a Meeting

One of the major problems in meetings is that people can either get bored and drift away from what you are saying, or are so worried about what they have to say that they don’t pay much attention to anybody else. Some of the ways in which you can capture your colleagues’ attention, and ensure that they take your ideas seriously are:

1. Be Prepared

Enter the meeting confidently and well dressed. First impressions last, and if you look you’re sure of your ideas this will command attention before you even begin talking. Knowing what you are going to say beforehand, and the way in which you are going to bring it across are also important. The way you present your ideas should be directly related to the people that you are addressing.

2. Listen

Listen to the questions that people have in relation to the ideas that you are presenting, and make sure that you know your content well enough to answer most, if not all, of them. Paying attention to their opinions without the possibility of getting offended is important, as well as keeping an open mind to suggestions. When you respond to questions or suggestions, it shows that you respect their feedback. People will return that respect and genuinely listen to you.

3. Be Honest

When telling people your ideas, be as honest as possible about both the good and bad points. If you hold back information and there is a negative result because of this, people will be less likely to be as responsive to you in the future.

4. Know when to Stop

The worst thing to do in a meeting is to continue speaking for too long. Not only does this not give anybody else a chance to talk, but those listening will lose interest. Giving too little information can be just as detrimental, because people won’t have a complete grasp of the idea. Find the balance between the two in order to make the most impact.

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