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The Incident...

Years ago, when I was a student, I was afraid to speak in front of more than two or three people at a time. I remember going to the headmasters (I was the only one who dared ask him our question), and coming back having to tell what he said to 90 pairs of staring eyes...
I blacked out, and don't recall what I said at all - to this day I still hope it's the same as he told me. I also had fear of making tests.

The Search...

So I decided to join a debating club to overcome my fear and ended up debating twice a week for years. I’ve learned how to make a good speech, be convincing in my arguments and to stand in front of an audience. Even when the fear was still there, though not so crippling as it was before. I participated in various tournaments, nationally and internationally, and won a few prizes (the biggest prize was finding a nice debating partner who is my life partner too, for 19 years now !)
All of that has taught me a lot, but what I noticed was that there is a huge difference between defending a side in a debate (regardless of what you think about the topic) and telling your personal story, inspiring the audience with your message.

The Answer...

That’s where mastering kinesiology and Presence made all the difference for me!
When looking for support for my fear of failure in tests and various allergies, I found a kinesiologist who helped me. We got to the source of the blocks and she had practical tools how to overcome them. The power of this versatile method amazed me and I knew this was something I wanted to do as well. I work as a kinesiologist for over 10 years in person now, and since two years online too.

The other huge game-changer which transformed the way I stand in front of groups and audiences completely, was mastering my Presence
When I started working with this method, I knew how to be confident and authentic whilst speaking to groups AND feel relaxed enough whilst doing so. By being myself, I could really connect with my audience in a way I never managed before.
The combination of ease and effectiveness, quick results and impact for both beginner- as seasoned speakers, integrated with my kinesiology and debating skills was the perfect method for me to work with, and I love every second of it!

As this method helped me to be confident on camera as well, and I see many people struggling with this (the way I used to), I've created an online training specified on this topic, as part of the bigger background on speaking and presenting with confidence.

I'm Elsewine Rietveld and I'm from the Netherlands and I'm a Confidence Trainer & Kinesiologist. As a former deer-in-headlights when it came to public speaking and camera appearance, I now love helping others feel confident and speak with impact.

Charisma is NOT an inborn trait.
Everybody can master becoming a confident speaker

I work with people who want to overcome their reluctance to- or deep rooted fear of public speaking, networking, pitching, speaking up in meetings or in front of the camera, as well as with seasoned speakers who want to up their game a notch or two.

Because the skills I work with are so effective they lead to immediate changes my clients are raving about the results they get from implementing the tools they learn... AND I know the fear, stress or frustration of having to speak in front of an audience/camera.

Here's what my clients say:

- Elsewine is a professional and clear trainer with a lot of integrity and a golden method.

- Elsewine is sensitive, intuitive and also incredibly grounded and reassuring.

- I can implement the skills easily and it has increased my overall impact.

- Elsewines approach was extremely helpful to me.

- This program has given me loads of tools to return to time and time again!

- I thought this course would help me be better on camera, but it offered so much more!

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Work on your confidence and presence

Here's how you can work with me:

1. Grab a spot in my online course 'Create Awesome Videos' so you can create business videos that stand out.

2. Watch my Hands-on Masterclasses about Green Screen or Scripting, so you can make videos like a pro.

3. Book a Private Power Session with me to mastermind on your presentation, video or any questions using Kinesiology.

4. Tell me you'd like to be the first to know about my new course about Presenting & Pitching with Confidence.

When you want a taste of this and instantly improve your business videos
so they stand out online, Grab the PDF with my 7 best tips!

3 fun facts about me...

  • I love Switzerland, hiking in the beautiful mountains, the special Swiss-German dialect that I can speak too, the national card game "Jass", and of course the immense selection of (dark) chocolate.
  • I love to read well written chick-lit novels (Jill Mansell, Sophie Kinsella, Shanna Swendson) and watch Netflix series, preferably with a nice cup of tea in my hand and a cat on my lap.
  • I like beating our kids at games - though I often let them win when they were younger. We have so many games, I think we could easily play two different games a day for a month!

Two truths and a lie...

  • I hate to fold clothes and always let them pile up in the bedroom until my husband does the folding.
  • I can play the cello, piano, violin and drums at conservatory (starting) level and have performed in a youth orchestra, with which we performed two concertos a year.
  • I've written a childrens novel in Dutch, which I self-published with a POD publisher back in 2005, who sold the book behind my back so it's now available in English on Amazon - but I don't get any of the royalties and only found out unintentionally.

I look forward to connect with you!