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The Magic of making videos

You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to promote yourself: Using VIDEOS!
Not just because more and more people are using them, but because it works
- your know, like, trustfactor increases when people see the real person behind your service or product.
- your authority as an expert increases.
- it's a great personal way to sell your stories.
- and last but not least, different researches show an 46% to 80% higher conversion on webpages that have a video on them. Wow!

Here’s a few ways you can strategically use videos in your business:

- On your website; the home-page and/or your about page.

- With your opt-in; a free thing you give that has great value and with video you connect.

- In your online course; using only PDFs or audio has less impact than using a video.

- Live videos, on facebook, instagram or periscope; live videos have a great algorithm too, so you get more exposure.

I strongly suggest that youget into the game and start making your own videos NOW! 
Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to make your business even more profitable.






In the past having or not having a personal picture on your website was a deal breaker, now we like to get to know the person or people behind the website even more. Having a good video on your website increases your visibility, and the likelihood that people want to engage with you… and even do business with you.


If you know how to make a good video (hint: stay away from written reminders and autocue that distract your eyes from the lens!), the impact that you have online is huge! You can use your eyes, facial expressions and movement to connect to the person visiting your website, rather than having them only reading words…

3 Tips:

- Always look in the lens of the camera, otherwise the person watching will feel disconnected.

- Check your background. Make sure your background is not distracting, else they be looking at that instead of at you

- Keep the videos short. We have much to do and many distractions; a longer video is less likely to be watched, especially on a homepage.

Don’t wait and start creating your own magic!

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I teach entrepreneurs and professionals how to speak with self-confidence and impact in all their conversations, presentations and on video. I have a range of online courses that you can take. For increasing your presence, impact and charisma and making videos that are authentic and touch your audience. I also offer affordable one to one sessions , to break through blocks, build your confidence and shatter limiting beliefs and have all the attention on your situation.