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How to tap into your feminine power

There are a significantly larger amount of women in positions of influence in the corporate world now, than there have been in the past. Many of them are still not taken seriously, just because they are female. This can be really discouraging especially when they are working twice as hard as many of the men in the same position. Many women find it hard to maintain their femininity, while they struggle to achieve the most they can in their position.

The first and, probably the best way, to get people to listen to what you have to say is to build self-confidence. When you are confident in what you are saying, it really shows and other people start taking it more seriously. A big part of being self-confident is being true to who you are. When surrounded by men in the corporate world, it can be tempting to try to act more like a man instead of embracing the fact that you are a woman. This goes against your natural instincts and will result in you becoming very uncomfortable, which is something that colleagues and business associates will notice.

Just Do It
Another good way to prove that you are capable of taking care of business is by actually doing it, in your own way. When people see that you are able to take control of the situation, they will be more inclined to respect and listen to what you are saying. Your success shouldn’t be based on somebody else’s failures, but on your ability to perform.

Women tend to be much friendlier than men, and it is very important to find the balance between being a positive influence on the people around you and being too friendly. Build genuine relationships with employees but still maintain a professional distance.

It is much easier for a man to move on from a mistake than a woman because we tend to blame ourselves for everything that goes wrong. Realise that it isn’t possible for you to be perfect, and get over any mistakes that have been made. This will show colleagues that you are strong enough to move on when something goes wrong, which is always the sign of a good leader.

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