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Gain clarity & confidence quickly
in a private session 

This is for you when:

  • Your lack of confidence stops you from moving forward.
  • You are ready to take your public speaking to the next level, whether you are a novice- or already seasoned speaker.
  • You have big dreams or goals, and the lack of self-belief stops you from reaching them.
  • You are making videos and want them to be even better.... or have been putting off making them in the first place.
  • You are pitching your services and have to stand out between your competitors.
  • You hold yourself back during meetings and others often take credit for your ideas. 
  • You are an entrepreneur who has to go out networking and have regular sales conversations.

When you book a session, you fill out a short questionnaire so we can really focus on the topics you want to bring in, then book a slot in my calendar and we have a whole hour on zoom to work together, so you can take inspired action right after that!
If you want to work on your presentation or video, I go over the files you send me before our session and give you practical feedback & tips.



Elsewine is sensitive, intuitive and also incredibly grounded and reassuring.

I am a huge advocate of kinesiology - but I was a little sceptical of how it could work over Skype. I was totally wrong. It was amazing how easily and accurately Elsewine identified my vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I feel back in control of my health and I already have more energy than I did before the session.
I don't know how this Kinesiology stuff works - but it does. Elsewine is sensitive, intuitive and also incredibly grounded and reassuring. She's the ideal therapist if you've never tried Kinesiology or therapy over Skype before.

Anna ,

Elsewines approach was extremely helpful to me

Elsewines approach was extremely helpful to me. I was amazed at all the limiting beliefs that I still have, many of which I was aware of and many that I wasn't. Writing them down helped me to develop a real understanding of where they are coming from and what most of them are associated with. My days are much more positive, since I'm alert on my negative self talk and try to stop it when I catch myself having limiting thoughts.

Vivia Stephenson , Freelance Writer/Coach

Choose the perfect session for you:

Rock Your Presentation

Your Presentation
When you are invited to speak at a seminar, network event, at a company or maybe even inside your own company and you really want to nail this presentation, let's prepare it together. 
I will go over your presentation before the session and we'll go over tweaks and practices to make even more impact.

You'll get:  

  • How to really connect with your audience, so they'll remember you and your message.
  • How to speak to the point and leave a great impression so that your audience will share your story with others.
  • Practical tools how to speak with confidence and charisma (even in difficult situations), so that you are a powerful and magnetic speaker.

Confidence Boost

Your Confidence
When you want to stand out and be noticed as professional, working on increasing your confidence is a highly effective approach. When you can let go of your self-consciousness and increase your natural charisma, people notice you, AND know-like-trust you so they want to work with you.

You'll get:

  • Practical tips and tools you can implement directly, to let go of your self-consciousness.
  • A personalized selection of the practices of the confidence creation framework, that are easy to implement yet remarkably effective.
  • Support to be authentic and use your own inner power (no fake it till you make it, or copy this behavior) so you can attract the attention you want.

Clarity Session

Your Clarity
If you are at a point in your business or personal life where you have a decision to make, and you feel unclear about the situation, maybe even fearful of making the wrong decision or indecisive, this is a perfect session for you. Get the distracting mind out of the way and in touch with what you really want.

You'll get:

  • How to ground and get out of your head, where the brain/mind is complicating things all the time.
  • How to gain Clarity on a subject that's been haunting you for weeks or even months, keeping you indecisive on what to do next.
  • To reconnect with your desire and keep that fire burning, so you are constantly reminded of the next step to take.

Create Your Videos 

Your Videos
Have you already made several videos? Or are you too afraid to get started? When using a teleprompter to feel more confident during your shoot, you'll loose contact with your audience. I'll look at your video before the session and give you practical tips and practices to make them even better.

You'll get:

  • How to best prepare, so that you won't need over 20 takes for a one-minute video.
  • How to be authentic and self-confident in front of the camera, so that you appear natural without having to turn to support in writing.
  • How to deliver your story in a convincing and inspiring way, so that people want to work with you and will know-like-trust you.

Your Perfect Pitch

Your Pitch
A lot of the time, companies are outsourcing jobs to a freelancer or even another company. Especially for design and consultancy, but in more areas as well. How do they choose? The content and price of your pitch are important, but almost as important is your energy and your presence.

You'll get:

  • How to best prepare, so that you feel confident and don't lose sleep over the upcoming pitch.
  • How to be authentic and self-confident in front of the committee that is making a choice who they want for the job, so they'll know-like-trust you.
  • Finding out what blocks and beliefs could be playing a role, probably in your subconscious, which keep you from being at your best - and tackling those quickly.

Kinesiology Session

Your Topic
Maybe you've heard of - or worked with- kinesiology before; it is a quick and effective way to get in touch with your subconscious mind/ the body wisdom. Your body knows what is wrong, and what solution is best. You can bring in any topic you'd like to know a cause/solution or approach for.

You'll get:

  • We will start with the topic you bring forward, or test what the body wants to address first.
  • We then go searching for the element(s) that are causing that topic. This can be body/food related or it can come from an emotional or energetic imbalance.
  • When we know that, we'll look for the best approach. Some topics require a multi-step take on, and we'll test the steps needed to find solutions and balance.

Or book a Package with 5 sessions

If you want to deep-dive into it and getting feedback on different aspects such as working on your Presence, Speech, Videos or sales- and networking conversations, you can book a package of 5 sessions.
A perfect way to follow up on the tweaks and the practices in the next session to gain even more from them.
Not many people know how to access and master their presence, yet it is a force that comes easy and has huge effects. We will be going over different practices, the ones YOU need at this moment to take the next step and between the sessions you can put them into practice.

I really look forward to working with you!  X Elsewine