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Hello my lovely,

I know we're not all through beta testing the Own Your Stage program just yet... But I hope you've gotten enough out of it to share a testimonial for me. To make it easy, just answer the questions below.

I love one with your picture on it, because they are more personal and trustworthy than just text. You can either hover over the white figurine or the white space next to your name/email/website (depending on your browser, the techy guys are fixing the safari browser blankness) and connect to facebook, or email me the picture that you'd like to add.

Or, if you are willing, I'd love a video testimonial as well (1-2 minutes)​ - just answer the questions or share how you feel about the program and what changed for you and why others should consider this training. Email me that you're creating a video testimonial and we can chat about the best way to do it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!
Be amazing!
PS by filling this out, you give me permission to use (part of) your testimonial and picture in my marketing messages.

Testimonial for my Own Your Stage program: