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How to introduce yourself when networking


When you go networking, or meet someone and they ask the dreaded question:”And what do you do?”Maybe you struggle to answer this (you’re not alone)… Watch the video to find out how you can go about answering this question, and see what changes! When you’re interested in starting your own videoblog, check out my Masterclasses:”How […]

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How To Set Your Boundaries (And Say No)

Do you sometimes do something, because you did not say no? How are your energetic boundaries? Some people easily get drained, or get other peoples stuff into their energy… Watch this video with a practical tip to set your boundaries! I would appreciate a share, thank you! Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 +10 Share0

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What To Do With Compliments

How much compliments are you giving each day?And when someone gives you one, what do you say? Do you discard it, or can you really receive it like a gift? If you’d like more compliments, please share… Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 +10 Share0

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How Speaking compares to sport

 When it comes to sport, everyone thinks these steps are normal… But did you know they’re equally important as it comes to speaking?In a way you could think of speaking as a sport – you need to train and each performance (match) you grow. I’m curious what you think of this, so watch the video and […]

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Essential Step To Reduce Stress Before Speaking

We all have nerves before we have to speak, whether this is on stage in front of an audience, or presenting something in a meeting… A little nerves, or stress can be good and increase your performance. But if the stress is too much, you’ll get overwhelmed and your presentation will be not as good […]

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Why You Need To Know What YOU Want

Flexibility is a trait – but do you know what YOU want? Or are you losing yourself, going along with everyone else… If you feel confident in what you want, it’s easier to share it.So many people find it hard to know what they want.  Like this video? Maybe you know someone else who might […]

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Make It A Habit To Speak From The Heart

We often think too much about what we’re going to say, and thus focus on the content, the words and getting it right… Whereas when you speak from your heart, the message is received so much more powerful by your audience! Like this video? Maybe you know someone else who might like it. Thank you […]

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Improve your Effectivity

…by Increasing your Energy Our society provides endless opportunities for us to be stressed. This decreases our effectivity significantly, and in order to maintain it we need to start taking care of ourselves. The less stressed you feel the more your energy levels will soar, and this will transfer into greater productivity overall and specifically when […]

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