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Why you should stop comparing yourself to others

We often compare ourselves to others… and though it can be inspiring, most of the times it is not. Watch my new videoblog and stop comparing yourself to others! Though, you can compare yourself to someone; you know who? Like this video? Maybe you know someone else who might like it. Thank you for sharing! […]

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3 ways to increase your confidence

3 Confidence Boosters to Help you ‘Own your Stage’It can be intimidating to speak in front of large groups of people, even if this is something that you have to do regularly. Each audience is unique and each speech is different, even when the same topic is covered. One of the keys to getting the […]

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The Key to Unlimited Success

Mastering your PresenceHave you ever experienced being around somebody who is larger than life? They enter a room and all eyes are immediately on them? Why do they get this reaction that most other people don’t? Is it possible to become one of these people?This aura that constantly surrounds them is called their presence, and […]

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