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The Magic of making videos

You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to promote yourself: Using VIDEOS!Not just because more and more people are using them, but because it works – your know, like, trustfactor increases when people see the real person behind your service or product.- your authority as an expert increases.- it’s a great personal way […]

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How to tap into your feminine power

There are a significantly larger amount of women in positions of influence in the corporate world now, than there have been in the past. Many of them are still not taken seriously, just because they are female. This can be really discouraging especially when they are working twice as hard as many of the men […]

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The Power of Listening (1)

Being present, and having an impact on others does not only occur when you are speaking. There lies a great power in listening! Watch the video below and signup for the practical presence video practice I mention there, if you did not do so already! Like this video? Thank you for sharing it: Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 […]

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