The Secret to Health and Energy?
Enough Nutrients

What they aren't telling you is that our food has been depleted over the years.
Due to over-use of the soil, use of pesticides/herbicides and a major one: 

because our food travels across the globe, it's very often harvested unripe, thus lacking nutrient growth.

Savvy food & health

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In this day and age, having a healthy diet is more important than ever. 
However, people like you and me are feeling fatigued, exhausted, (di)stressed and have a variety of physical problems and allergies, because our food is depleted.
Of course, not *everything* is solved by food, but NOT having enough nutrients definitely has consequences for our body, health and wellbeing. 

I'm sure you agree that our food is not the same as it was a few decades ago - for example, when about 25 years ago you'd eat two oranges, now you need to eat a whole crate to get the same amount of nutrients!

Frustrating, right?!

Who am I?
I'm Elsewine, confidence trainer & kinesiologist from the Netherlands. 
For over a decade, I advised my clients as kinesiologist and orthomolecular therapist. Applied kinesiology is based on chiropractic and acupuncture, and it's a way to communicate to the subconscious part of the brain (which is about 80%!). The orthomolecular vision looks at food, how nutrients work in our body and if there's something "wrong", can we balance it with nutrient balance.

I recently found the best, most natural solution to add superb nutrients  to your daily routine and I tell about it in these videos below.
Click and find out in a few minutes how the happiness circle, the secret of queen Bee and our nutrients are tied together: 

In-depth version

Some people love watching a longer, detailed video so that they're not missing out on anything. Or they absorb all information whilst doing another chore like cooking or handcrafts...
When you're one of them, I strongly suggest you dive in the full video and get some remarkable insights. 
Update: as of october 4th, the omega is available!

Punchy version

From others I hear they prefer the information short and punchy, so that they get all the insider information just the same.
In that case I recommend the shorter video and get up to speed on the most important elements.
Update: as of october 4th, the omega is available!

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