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As a former deer in the headlights when it came to public speaking and making videos, I've discovered a practical effective method how to overcome this.

I'm Elsewine Rietveld, confidence trainer from the Netherlands and I used to be so scared and insecure of speaking in front of an audience larger than 3 or 4 people...
I was very self-conscious of the fact that everyone was listening to ME.  Can you relate to that?

I've started joining a debating team to overcome this, which helped to a certain point but I still felt very stressed out before and during my speech in front of the audience. Then, I've discovered a method that gave me confidence, comfort and even joy when speaking to others.
I now work with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to stand out and make a difference in all conversations, pitches, presentations and videos. In personal sessions here and online as well as in online courses.


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Seize your roadmap with 7 Steps -for FREE:

7 easy to fill out steps

These 7 steps form the Roadmap towards your next Speaking gig. Everything you need to know & plan in order to be fully prepared. 

Workbook elements

Each step has a fillable fields for you to take notes, so you have an actionable Roadmap to work with, AND it's totally designed for your situation.

You will ...

  • Have a defined process of how to prepare yourself before you go on stage to speak.
  • A clear pathway, so you can feel relaxed and confident about your preparation.
  • Get common pitfalls AND the solution for those, so you look like you've done it a lot.
  • The guideline for your personal details, so it's customized for you and your speech. 

They've used the roadmap)already...


This roadmap is off the charts good!

This roadmap is off the charts good. It has given me the confidence to believe that all my public speaking gigs can be smooth sailing every time. I especially love the pitfalls and solutions. It's clear, practical and it works!!

Sarah Winterbine

A must have guide to plan out any public speaking engagement

Elsewine's roadmap to public speaking is very crisp, clean and concise. I have been doing public speaking for a decade now but it's still as useful for me today as it would have been if I had used it when I first started!
It's a must have reference guide to map out steps and plan out any public speaking engagement that you might have. I highly recommend it! The highlight of my experience was the fillable pdf! Such a valuable addition to an already amazing road map.

Hira Ali Founder & CEO Advancing Your Potential

The checklist at the end made the whole thing feel like a bootcamp to get you ready without the blood, sweat, or tears!

As a speaker, there were so many things I never realized I needed to consider when I first started. I picked them up along the way. Some of the biggest and most important things were all about preparation and your mental game - but there was no one around to help me sort that out.
So, when I saw Elsewine's guide... I was skeptical, how could you make it truly effective for a shy public speaker? Well, she did!
She's crafted tips to conquer the most common pitfalls, tools for choosing your topic, priceless approaches on how to overcome your inner gremlins, and then video blogs explaining some of the most difficult pieces - all in one place. The checklist at the end made the whole thing feel like a bootcamp to get you ready without the blood, sweat, or tears!

Shannon Townsend Get Shit Done Coach

I really love this Roadmap, with the 7 easy steps to more confidence

I really love this Roadmap, with the 7 easy steps to more confidence and insight how to plan and structure your speech.
Elsewine is a great person and I love her personal story around going from fear to confidence in public speaking. I regularly speak in front of groups and this is really helpful to me. Give it a try, you’ll see it will support you on your path to becoming a confident public speaker.

Tobias Bertschinger Business & Fitness

I will use this next time I'm planning to make a video

I love love love the roadmap, it's set up beautifully. I will use this next time I'm planning to make a video. My favorite is the advice on thinking about the action you want them to take after your speech!

Addie Maes Freedom Lifestyle Strategist

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