"Speak with Confidence"


How to feel confident in all your live speaking opportunities

Without worrying about freezing up in front
of the audience

Even if you're usually feeling conscious of how people are perceiving you

So you can feel confident and comfortable,
no matter the situation

When merely the thought of speaking LIVE 
Twists your stomach into knots...
And makes you think "who can speak my message for me"

When sharing your message to a group of people
Makes you overly selfconscious...
Because they are listening to YOU - and you want it to be perfect

When speaking live in front of a camera
Makes you want to take a run for the hills...
As you're afraid of just going blank and forgetting your words

You've come to the right place!

Do you know what's the biggest fear according to the National Institute of Mental Health? (Hint it's not fear of death).
Watch the video below to find the answer. It blew my socks off... (but don't worry I've got you covered!)
Click on the video and find out:



You're not alone! A lot of people struggle with confidence when speaking
in front of other people or a camera. 

Some people can walk into any room or any situation and feel self-confident, and have a magnetic charisma that draws people to them. They have a pleasant energy and people are curious to get to know them.
How do they do that? These people have a lot of Presence.

And the good news is: Presence is something that everyone can access - you just have to know how. 
When you master your presence, your uniqueness and your authenticity, your energy will shine onto all people you're speaking to. You will feel self-confident, no matter what situation you're in, so you feel relaxed whilst convincing people of your message, whether this is in a conversation or presentation.  

About Elsewine

Former deer in the headlights when it came to public speaking & videos, now teaching others how to speak with confidence and impact in all conversations, pitches, presentations and videos. I'm from the Netherlands and currently have courses both in Dutch and English, soon in German too.

As I've mastered practical techniques on how to go from self-consciousness to self-confidence, I now work with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to feel more confident, courageous and convincing when they speak.

Since this method taps into elements that are not seen in regular speaker- and confidence trainings, I work with a lot of experienced speakers too.

Imagine you can:

  • Be pleasantly, powerfully charismatic and courageous and speak with more impact
    without overwhelming or overpowering people.
  • Feel self-confident, no matter what situation you are in, so you’re naturally persuasive and inspiring in every conversation and presentation.
  • Increase your know-like-trust factor, so that clients and colleagues look up to you as a professional. You are more effective in your sales- & networking conversations and in the delivery of your pitches.

Who Is This Method For?

Basically, everyone can benefit from doing this work, since being yourself in an authentic way is beneficial in almost every situation. However, this work is especially valuable for:

Who want to exude authenticity and command the stage.

Experienced speakers who want to increase their natural charisma and impact when they inspire or sell from stage. 
Beginners who would love to have more self-confidence and impact.

Who want to gain more self-confidence and charisma.

They want this both in their sales /networking conversations, whilst giving workshops and making videos. It helps them remarkably when they pitch their services against others. 

Who want to feel powerful and feminine both in their business and personal life.

They often work surrounded by men. They want to embrace their own power to be seen and heard. I'ts also very suitable for women who are 'in their head' a lot, or who have an introvert nature.

This training gives you practical tools on how to feel confident, charismatic and really at ease
when speaking to a group of people or into a camera

without shivers, stammers or blackouts
- even when you're an introvert.

Don't just take my word for it:

“I thought this course would help me be better on camera, but it offered so much more!”


Elsewine has a holistic approach to becoming comfortable and confident in front of a group. This course will take you deep within yourself to uncover the blocks that you may have around presenting in front of small or large group. It is unlike any other course I've been in.

The bigger thing for me was realizing that I could use these techniques in my everyday life. I thought this course would help me be better on camera, but it offered so much more!

When you are looking to become more comfortable and confident in your regular conversations or presentations this course is for you! The future of business is being on camera and in front of an audience, this course will help you grow to truly Own Your Stage.

Danie Muniz - Empowerment + Mindset Coach

“I'm using these practices whenever I can”


Elsewine has the wonderful ability to help people seeing themselves differently. I got many new techniques which are totally easy to apply. I loved these techniques because it's not something you would read in a book. You can practice it all by yourself and you can literally use it always. When being on stage AND in your everyday life.

Elsewine gives a lot of good inputs and provides exercises that are very helpful. Haven't done any course to that subject before but I think she gives you all you need to know to feel more safe on stage and to let your light shine.

I'm using these practices whenever I can. Until now I haven't had any speech on stage but I'm sure that it will help me a lot when I'll have to talk in front of the masses.

Just do it! ;)

Beatrice - Journalist

“This programme has given me loads of tools to return to time and time again!”


This is a great way to learn how to feel more confident as a speaker, and to unblock any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. The training is very different. There are lots of fabulous tips, tools and strategies to help you step into your power as a speaker. I feel more confident about presenting to a larger audience. While I have done lots of training and group motivational speaking, going on stage to do a signature talk felt more daunting. This programme has given me loads of tools to return to time and time again.
When you want to feel more confident as a speaker, and have better impact, while still being you then make sure you join!

Ruby McGuire - Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection

“I can implement the skills easily and it has increased my overall impact”


Elsewines workshop has given me concrete tools to be confident thanks to Presence, without it becoming arrogance. My work consists of weighing interests, negotiation, being clear and firm, taking the lead and keeping a good basic relationship with everyone involved. I can implement the skills learnt from the Presence workshop on a daily basis and it has increased my overall impact. Elsewine is an experienced and respectful trainer who makes you want to learn from her and gain her insights. Thank you!

Ingeborg ter Laak - CEO Zorgscala

“Elsewine is a professional and clear trainer with a golden method”


Elsewine is a professional and clear trainer with a lot of integrity and a golden method: The confidence creation framework. I give workshops myself and I’ve seen and done a lot at a very high level, so I always enjoy when I come across something really great. And this is it! Elsewine is a nice and ambitious confidence trainer and she’s all about 'practice what you preach'.

Lisa Portengen - Owner Smart& Sexy
    • Feel Confident and Comfortable when you speak
    • Overcome the worrying about what others may think, whether you do or say the right things or whether you're worthy of their time.
    • Know what to say, from a place of empowerment and confidence without the fear of getting "off-script" and losing your story thread

What you'll get in the course:

  1.  Course Setup:

    I: Increase your Confidence

    1) Fundamental practice for grounding and confidence.
    2) How to influence your energy and set clear boundaries.
    3) Tracking your limiting beliefs.

    II: Mindset, Tech & Preparation
    4) Tweak limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs.
    5) How to prepare your speech/pitch/webinar/pitch.
    6) How to craft your presentation.

    III: Presenting and Connecting with your audience
    7) Aligning the grounding with your heart and head.
    8) How you're perceived by others.
    9) Aligning your body language with that what you are saying.
  2. Delivery: it's an online course with:
    1) Video practices.
    2) Audio Practices.
    3) Workbook for keeping track of your personal notes and insights.
    4) A private facebook group where you can share your successes, and ask anything you want to get the most out of this course.
  3. Practice: Practice is key.  
    You'll get these skills and know how to master them during your every day life. There's no hours and hours of homework or dry practicing, you can use every tool you get right from the get go!

And there is more... Next to this valuable training,
you'll receive these Bonuses!

  1. Rock the Stage MP3: which is the ultimate preparation for any important event or conversation you are going to have. [valued at $147,-]
  2. Map & Go, created by the Queen of Content Jo Gifford, which is a 6 video series knowledge boost, so you'll never have any doubts around content creation. [valued at $49]
    a superduper extra bonus for the posse summit signups:
    When you signup before monday july 3rd at 6PM CET,
    you'll get a 45 minute PRIVATE SESSION to focus on feedback, questions and everything else you want to bring to the table [valued at $97]

You'll get all of this for the investment of only $147!
(on july 14th, the price will go up to $247)

or: Seize a VIP spot!

The value in this program is tremendous, and I'm really exited to bring it to you! 
So when you've been on the verge of signing up already, I strongly suggest you consider signing up for the VIP package of this training so you get your results even quicker.
You'll get my personal attention during 3 private sessions:
Together we'll be working on your confidence, we'll personalize practices and I can share extra tools when you need them. You can ask me ALL your personal questions and I can give you honest and supportive feedback on whatever elements you want.
This VIP package includes "Speak with Confidence" and 3 zoom sessions (45 min).
The investment is $457 (or $357 before july 7th).

Are you a VIP?! Sign up now, because I'd LOVE to work with you!

What to expect...

This method works for you EVEN WHEN you are an introvert and EVEN WHEN you are afraid of speaking in front of groups (I was, big time!).
This is not a theoretical training or workshop where you learn common tricks or average speaker skills. In my work I do not teach learn-it-by-heart behavior that might work for some people, but not for you.

What it is

  • A training where you get practical tools to increase your Presence, so you can feel confident on any stage
  • Valuable skills, that you can implement from now on, both in your business and personal life
  • Efficient and quick in the teaching moments, focus on bringing it into practice
  • A lot of practical exercises that you can implement directly - and some theory
  • An online training with the benefit of finding your own best time, combined with personal attention and care

What it is not

  • A regular speaker training, where you learn behaviors that work for others
  • Learning tips & tricks that are inauthentic, and seem forced or unnatural if you implement them
  • A time-consuming program, with hours of  theoretical material to listen and watch 
  • A lot of theory, which in itself could be interesting, without practical exercises
  • An online evergreen without any personal contact, without a place for your personal questions

This Program will Work for you, Even When... 

  • You don't have much time...
    Don't worry, you don't need a lot of time to join this program. I've set it up in a way that you can get the skills and techniques in an effective, quick
    way and the practicing part happens in your day to day activities. Not a lot of homework hours scheduled.
  • You feel like it's a lot of money...
    You can expect to earn your investment back many times over. Lots of people have doubled or tripled their income by increasing their presence, because they are being noticed, get out there with confidence, people trust them and want to work with them. However, when you're thinking about getting into debt to follow this program, I'd advise against it - simply save for it, or use the payment plan.
  • You're not sure it will work for you...
    Everyone can be charismatic, you just have to know how. You know the saying: 'Charisma is something that you either have, or have not'
    . I couldn't disagree more! I've worked with more than 400 people, personally, in groups and online and there was no one that did not notice a change. No, it's not hard, yes it takes some practice, as does any new technique that you're learning. These skills are easy to implement and immediately effective.
  • You're already an experienced speaker and  you're not sure you'll get something new out of this...
    Yes you will get new skills and tools. I've worked with a great deal of experienced speakers, lawyers, debaters and even speaker trainers - live and via skype. They are skilled in story telling, being funny or an expert on stage, and know their tips and tricks. But presence is something totally new for them... And when they add this skill to all the others they already have, magic happens! 
  • You feel like it won't, because...
    You're an introvert -these tools have shown good results especially for introverts, helping them with energetic boundaries and grounding or you suffer from stage fright - just take a look at my bio a bit up on this page or read my blog about my stage fright... There can be more reasons why you have this limiting thought (and working on those thoughts is one of the pillars in this training, one extra reason why it's worthwhile for you to join !).  

Join today!
The regular investment in this Program is $247. But when you sign up NOW, you can get it for $147! 
OR choose VIP, for $457 (NOW for $357) with 3 private sessions of 45 minutes.

Early bird price till july 7th only!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. When the practice isn't what you expected, you can contact us within 7 days after purchase and we'll send you a refund. Read the terms and conditions.

P.S.: Your presence is one of your most natural precious gifts, but only few understand the power of.
When you master your presence, you can own your stage in any situation. You'll feel confident no matter what, and people know-like-trust you sooner when you are powerful and authentic, so you'll soon see the difference in your career, business- and personal life and income.  
You'll become unforgettable, with people falling over themselves to get to know you and work with you.

When you have any questions, please contact me via info[at]elsewine.com, and I'll answer as quickly and profoundly as I can. No more doubt? Click the link below and join Own Your Stage.

I can't wait to work with you!