How to Increase Your Charisma and Have People
Hanging on Your Every Word

Do You Lack Impact When You Speak? Feel a Little Nervous Every Time You Are on Stage??

The Art of Increasing Your Presence

Some people can walk into any room or any situation and feel self-confident, and have a magnetic charisma that draws people to them. They have a pleasant energy and people are curious to learn more about them. How do they do that?

For some people, this comes natural... but most people are unaware of their Presence. It is something that everyone can learn though. If you master your presence, your uniqueness and your authenticity, your energy will shine onto all people you are speaking to. You will feel self-confident, no matter what situation you are in. A room full of people, facing difficult questions or seemingly 'scary' people...

Gain the confidence you need to get the attention you want. Learn how to face any situation and any circumstances and be seen and perceived as powerful in your own authentic way.

By working on your presence, you can achieve this yourself.

This Method Will Help You Impact
Hundreds of People!

Why? Because if you feel self-conscious when you are speaking to people (whether this is in a one on one conversation or in front of a group), and listen to your 'little voice' (which most of the time has a negative comment), your presence and impact decrease and you are not coming across in a pleasant and authentic way.

You're not alone! A lot of people struggle with confidence when speaking in front of groups (or one-on-one for that matter). 

I used to be scared to talk to bigger audiences...

Back when I was a student, I was afraid of speaking in front of groups and to work on this problem, I joined a debating club. For years, I have been participating not only in weekly classes, but also national and international tournaments. I have learnt a lot, but what I found was that speaking on a topic assigned to you is completely different to just being yourself and talking about your company or your passion and convincing the audience about the importance of your personal mission.

Can you relate to that?

To be also self-confident and radiant when I tell a personal story or message, I have turned to increasing my Presence and it made all the difference! I learnt how to speak in an authentic way, how to make a bigger impact with all my conversations, and how I could increase my everyday charisma effectively. This really changed my life.

Feel Confident All the Time
Just by Increasing Your Presence!

Presence is something we all have... but it's not always activated. If you know what to do - and what not to do! - you can tap into this amazing power that brings out your uniqueness, your qualities and your charisma.

Working on your presence does not mean that you will learn some tricks, or have to look at those people where presence comes naturally and copy them. That would not be authentic, and your presence is unique, making your authenticity and value appear more clearly. And because of that, you feel more self-confident, no matter what situation you are in.

Just Think About How Your Life Will Be When You Increase Your Presence?!

Take a moment to think about it...           What changes would occur?

Imagine you could:

  • Have a pleasant, powerful charisma without overwhelming or overpowering people. You would know how to speak with more impact.
  • Feel self-confident, no matter what situation you are in. You could be (even more) persuasive and inspiring in your conversations and presentations.
  • Increase your know-like-trust factor, so that you are perceived as a valuable professional. You would be more effective in your sales- and networking conversations.

If you want to increase your Presence, read more about my

Own Your Stage Program

What can you expect?

I'll teach you a unique set of practical skills, that you can implement directly into all your conversations and presentations. In this program, we will be working on your Body, Mindset and Energy so that you can truly own your stage. Whatever this word means to you. It can be a one-on-one conversation where you are pitching your services to someone important, it could be a group of colleagues or clients that you have to speak to, or a big room full of people where you are sharing your story or vision. 

This is not a theoretical training or workshop where you learn commons tricks or average speaker skills. In my work I do not teach a learn-it-by-heart behavior that might work for someone else, but not for you...

By working with me you will learn practical skills to stay true to yourself, feel centered and stay confident, even when the situation might be scary.

  1.  Content: You will learn amazing practices to increase your Presence. They are quick to learn, convenient to implement, and make a huge difference!
  2. Delivery: Next to the self-studying (video, audio & workbook), we have group sessions as well. So you can share your successes and ask me anything you want, to get the most out of it.
  3. Practice: I've set this program up in a way that is highly effective and beneficial (Doing several online programs myself, I find it's sometimes hard to free up the long hours). Practice is key, so you'll learn the skills and master them during your every day life!

And there is more... Next to this valuable training, you'll receive some great Bonuses!

  1. A Free Clarity session: One on one with me on Skype. A powerful practice to get in line with what you really want - and we can cover your personal questions too.
    [valued at $147,-]
  2. EnergyBoost: my unique 5-video-tip-series, to increase your daily energy which will also benefit your on-stage energy.
    [Valued at $97]
  3. Rock the Stage MP3: which is the ultimate preparation for any important event or conversation you are going to have.
    [valued at $147,-]

Who Is This Course For?

Basically, everyone can benefit from doing this work, since being yourself in an authentic way is beneficial in almost every situation. However, this work is especially valuable for:

Who want to exude authenticity and command the stage.

Experienced speakers who want to increase their charisma and impact. Beginners who would love to have more self-confidence and impact.

Who want to gain more self-confidence and charisma.

They want this both in their sales/networking conversations, as well as when giving workshops in front of an audience.
Or online in their video's.

Who want to feel powerful and feminine.

They often work surrounded by men and who want to learn how to embrace their feminine power. Also very suitable for women who are 'in their head' a lot.

Elsewine Rietveld
Creator of Own Your Stage

About Elsewine

I'm a Presence teacher, trainer& author, and I'm from the Netherlands.

Back when I was a student, I was afraid of speaking in front of groups - can you relate to that? To increase my skills, I joined a debating club. I have learnt a lot, but also found that debating on an assigned topic was completely different to being yourself and convincing the audience about the importance of your personal mission. For this specific result I have turned to the Presence method and it made all the difference! To be able to speak in an authentic way, how to make a bigger impact with all my conversations, and how to increase my everyday charisma effectively is something I learned, and I love teaching this work to others.

What you didn't know about me:

I like to go out for a pre-breakfast run twice a week.

I am a huge fan of chocolate and love making my own healthy bonbons.

I adore the Swiss Mountains and love to hike.


John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Elsewine has a golden method”

“Elsewine is a professional and clear coach with a lot of integrity and a golden method: Presence. I give workshops myself and I’ve seen and done a lot at a very high level, so I always enjoy when I come across something really great. And this is it!

I enjoyed the workshop with Elsewine. She is a nice and ambitious presence teacher and she’s all about 'practice what you preach'. I will definitely go again!"

Lisa Portengen
- CEO Smart& Sexy

“Concrete tools to be confident, and not becoming arrogance”

“Elsewines workshop has given me concrete tools to be confident thanks to Presence, without it becoming arrogance. My work consists of weighing interests, negotiation, being clear and firm, taking the lead and keeping a good basic relationship with everyone involved. I can implement these Presence skills on a daily basis and it has increased my overall impact.

Elsewine is an experienced and respectful trainer who makes you want to learn from her and gain her insights. Thank you!"

Ingeborg ter Laak
- CEO Zorgscala
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The workshop surpassed my wildest expectations!”

"I attended the Male Presence workshop with a few colleagues and as a speech- and debating-trainer I was seriously impressed. In three hours time, Elsewine was able to turn 5 really experienced speakers into top speakers.

I had heard a lot about this training but it surpassed my wildest expectations. I can really recommend this training to anyone who speaks in front of an audience regularly. I look forward to working with Elsewine again!.

Gijs Weenink
- CEO Debatacademie

Join TODAY and Start Owning Your Stage

You’ll get from self-consciousness to self-confidence, you’ll have a pleasant, powerful charisma without overwhealming or overpowering people and you’ll speak with more impact. People remember you, your personality and your message. Start today so you can Own Your Stage in any situation!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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It sounds like a wonderful program, but...

  • I don't have much time...
    This is a perfect program to do if you don't have a lot of time! Of course it takes some time to fill out the workbook and learn the skills. But I've set it up in a way that you can learn the practices in an effective and quick way... There won't be 2-3 hours video/audio per week, they are short and sweet. The best thing to increase your presence, is to practice as much as you can. And you don't need to do much extra for that, because every phonecall, every conversation (at work, but also at the supermarket or with your partner), every speech is an opportunity to train your presence-muscle!

  • It's a big investment...
    This is a valuable program, where you will learn skills that will help you increase your authenticity, impact and charisma both in your professional and personal life. It is a great investment in yourself (if you sign up now, it's about the same price as an iPad :) - but it lasts longer... and you will have access to this program from now on, so you can re-take the practices as much as you like!). Lots of people have doubled or trippled their income by increasing their presence, because they are being noticed, get out there with confidence, people trust them and want to work with them. Even though this is seen often, this is not a money-making program. So if you're thinking about getting into debt to follow this program, I'd advice against it. See if you can free up the expenses from your business, save for it, or use the payment plan.

  • I'm not sure if it will work for me, if I can increase my Presence...
    The skills that you'll learn are focused on bringing out your authenticity, energy and radiance. It's something that everybody has, but not everybody knows how to handle. You are not copying someone else's style or learn some trics. I once heard someone say 'Charisma is something that you either have, or have not'. I couldn't disagree more! The changes that I've seen over and over again, with beginning and experienced speakers, are huge. And it's not hard! The skills are simple and brilliant, and bring out the best in you. The only thing is, that you have to practice and practice... But hey, do you have a drivers licence? Can you ride a bike? Can you write and type? They are all skills that in the beginning take practice and attention, and the more you do them, the less conscious attention has to go to them!

  • I'm already an experienced speaker, will I learn something new?
    Yes. I've worked with a great deal of experienced speakers, debaters and even speaker trainers - live and via skype. They are skilled in story telling, being funny or an expert on stage, and know their tips and trics. But they never learned about mastering their presence... And if they add this skill to all the other skills they already have, magic happens! I've seen the audience (and myself) liking the speaker at first, and drinking in everything they say ('hanging on their lips', we say in Dutch, which means you don't want to miss a thing that is being said, and often listen with your mouth open of pure admiration... :) ).

What to expect...

What it is

  • A training on increasing your Presence, so you can feel confident on any stage
  • Valuable tools and skills, that you can implement from now on, both in your business and personal life
  • Efficient and quick in the teaching moments, focus on bringing it into practice
  • A lot of practical exercises that you can implement directly - and some theory
  • An online training with the benefit of finding your own best time, combined with personal attention and care

What it is not

  • A regular speaker training, where you learn behaviors that work for others
  • Learning tips & trics that are inauthentic, and seem forced or unnatural if you implement them
  • A time-consuming program, with hours of material to listen and watch before you can start
  • A lot of theory, which in itself could be interesting, without practical exercises
  • An online evergreen without any personal contact, or place where you can pose your personal questions

More Praise

“Elsewine's tools are useful both in business and in daily life”

“Having had the opportunity to use Elsewine's methods has resulted in a fascinating and unexpected result. More presence, more patience with myself, and an allover more grounded feeling have come at a time when I most needed it.

I found Elsewine's tools useful in my business and in day to day life as a busy entrepreneur. This kind of work is so important for creating a calm way of being. It's integral for the busy lifestyles we all lead. Elsewine is one to watch.”

Tam V.
- Choose big change
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“A mandatory training to take and re-take, to improve your skills”

“The training containes very powerful practices that benefit even very experienced speakers. It’s especially recommended for people who want to increase their impact, or simply have more fun when they have to speak. I am curious to find out how this method will affect my performance in the longer run. Because as far as I’m concerned, this is a mandatory training to take and then re-take to improve your skills even further!”

Eric Stam
- Debating & Communication Trainer

What you get in the Own Your Stage Program:

  • A 6 week  online program, with practical exercises, to own your stage with confidence
  • Video, audio and workbook practices, following a step-by-step system
  • Group calls or webinars where you can pose all your questions and share celebrations and tips
  • A bonus practice winthin the program each week, to support your mastering of presence
  • Access to this program as long as it's online, so you can always take it to the next level
  • On top of all this, 4 incredible bonuses, one of which includes a one on one private session with me

Join today!

The regular investment in the Own Your Stage Program
is $997.

But if you join me today (enrollment officially opens at april 21th, Early Bird until 23:59 PST on 5th of May 2016), you will get the entire program and all the bonuses at an Early Bird price of $797,-
Don't miss out. Gain Presence in business and in life. 
I look forward to working with you!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Paypal & card option

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you do the practices and all the work of week 1, and you don't notice any changes, let us know within 14 days after purchase and we'll send you a refund. Read our terms and conditions.

P.S.: Your presence is one of the gems, that not many know the secret of - yet it's so natural. If you master your presence, you can own your stage in any situation. You'll feel confident no matter what, and people know-like-trust you sooner when you are powerful and authentic, so it's also beneficial for your sales.
People remember you and your message, and want to work with you. See how important it is? 
If you have any questions, please contact me via info[at], and I'll answer as quickly and profoundly as I can. No more doubt? Click the link below and join Own Your Stage.

I'd love to work with you!

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