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I'm sure you've heard of the importance of food for our body - right?
What they aren't telling you is that our food has been depleted over the years. Due to over-use of the soil (did you know plants get their minerals out of the soil?), use of pesticides/herbicides and a major one: because our food travels across the globe, it's very often harvested unripe, thus lacking nutrient growth.

And in this day and age, having a healthy diet is more important than ever. 
However, people like you and me are feeling fatigued, exhausted, (di)stressed and have a variety of physical problems and allergies.
Of course, not *everything* is solved by food, but NOT having enough nutrients definitely has consequences for our body, health and wellbeing. 

Who am I?
I'm Elsewine, confidence trainer & kinesiologist from the Netherlands. 
For over a decade, I advised my clients as kinesiologist and orthomolecular therapist. Applied kinesiology is based on chiropractic and acupuncture, and it's a way to communicate to the subconscious part of the brain (which is about 80%!). The orthomolecular vision looks at food, how nutrients work in our body and if there's something "wrong", can we balance it with nutrient balance. And recently I found the best, most natural solution that I tell about in these videos below.

Click and find out in a few minutes how the happiness circle, the secret of queen Bee and our nutrients are tied together: 

In-depth version

Some people love watching a longer, detailed video so that they're not missing out on anything. Or they absorb all information whilst doing another chore like cooking or handcrafts...
When you're one of them, I strongly suggest you dive in the full video and get some remarkable insights. 
Update: as of october 4th, the omega is available!

Punchy version

From others I hear they prefer the information short and punchy, so that they get all the insider information just the same.
In that case I recommend the shorter video and get up to speed on the most important elements.
Update: as of october 4th, the omega is available!

About the capsules & omega NOW AVAILABLE!!
I am literally SO grateful that I came across these capsules and the new omega - no more worries that I don't eat enough fatty fish (and how much it is polluted with mercury and plastic), but to have this vegetarian form that is just right for our body. 
When you want to know more about them, you can read on my page (click the little globe on the top right to change to your country and language!)
OR book a 20 minute zoom call to chat about options that work for you and ask me your questions about them. 

Work with me
I've been working as a kinesiologist in the Netherlands for over a decade. Since two years, I also offer online sessions. We can look into physical and emotional discomfort (please be mindful to check with a doctor/GP first) and find out what cause lies beneath the symptoms. 

Next to that, I have a cool kinesiology protocol, "Food Pattern Check", which is a personalized blueprint of that what you eat, that goes beyond general (and constantly changing) beliefs. So for example, tomatoes can be good, but for you they aren't. Or there are certain elements that you don't get enough out of your daily meals right now, even though you follow 'general tips'. 
Step by step we find out which elements are balanced, and which need a tweak to more or less of things that you eat - so that you feel even more energetic and healthy. 

Act now and book your online kinesiology- or  Food Pattern Check session: