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 ** Nurtures ** Protects ** Balances ** Blue light Protection ** 

Enhance your Natural *WOW* 

Our mission is to enhance your natural “WOW” by combining innovative Swiss biotechnology with the pure magic of nature.


HANZZ+HEIDII is an experience like no other. From the moment your hands touch the products, you can instantly feel the products are made with love and passion, with the aim of making your skin happy. You will experience your very own
multi-sensory spa moment and enjoy it with all your senses.

HANZZ&HEIDII skin care is vegan and luxurious. It’s developed together with the best Swiss skincare experts, based on our approach, “natural beauty from the inside out”.  The products protect and strengthen skin cells while activating the regeneration process, helping skin regain its natural, vibrant balance.
This results in impressive short-term and long-term effects.

This is Hanzz and Heidii

Our product formulas use a unique combination of powerful natural ingredients and innovative Swiss plant-based biotechnology.

They actively delay the visible effects of aging to make skin look healthy, radiant, and beautiful.

  • All ingredients are VEGAN and not tested on animals
  • Swiss quality, made in Switzerland, a global mark of expertise in design
  • Protects against sunlight and Blue Light (HEV) effects 
  • Our “Her’’ and “Him” skincare lines soothe the skin and provide new energy and balance
  •  The Airglass dispenser protects from air contact and triples the shelf-live 
  • ECO - the packaging is environmentally-friendly and is made of recyclable components

It's like getting a private spa treatment every day! 

The beautiful products are aimed to CLEANSE – CORRECT– PROTECT

Cleanse: support the skin’s natural protective barrier. Proven natural ingredients soothe the skin and reduce any tendency towards irritations. Your skin remains radiant, fresh and hydrated.
Our products: Eraze, cleanser for men and women. Amaze, fibersheet mask for women, maximize, unisex black algae mask.

Correct fine lines and wrinkles for incomparable skin comfort and ultimate smoothness. It optimizes skin elasticity, the skin is replumped and intensively hydrated. The skin reveals a radiant infinite beauty – a pleasure to touch.
Active natural ingredients together with innovative biotechnologies that offer a Botox-like effect without skin-invasive treatments make you feel and

see the difference within days.
Our products: Vitalize, softener for women, Visualize, eye cream for men and women, Boozt, a powerful serum for men and women, Amaze, fibersheet mask for women, maximize, unisex black algae mask.

Protect and offer your skin a daily boost of energy and vitality to better self-defense against negative environmental influences like pollution, dust, UV rays, infrared and blue light, stress and extreme climates.

Snow Algae and our SNA Blend ingredients help reduce age spots and pigmentation and prevent the formation of new pigmentation marks.

Our products: Energize, 24h emulsion for men and women, Arize, day cream for women, Eaze, night cream for women.

Unique Superior Natural Antioxidants Blend (SNAB)

Slows down signs of aging by neutralizing free radicals through a highly potent antioxidant mix of Majestem™, Snow Algae, Astaxanthin, and InfraGuard.

It protects against sun-induced aging, air pollution damage, age spots and wrinkles.
Reduces moisture loss and boosts collagen and cell renewal in the skin.

There is also a lot that's NOT in the products... and that's for the good!

We are very proud that our products are 'made without':

  • Parabenes
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Laureth)/ SLS
  • Synthetic coloring and flavors
  • Synthetic sunscreens
  • Nanoparticles
  • Phenoxy ethanol
  • Silicones or mineral oils
  • Microplastics

How to protect your skin from the Blue Light Effect?!

Powerful ingredient: InfraGuard

Natural, highly effective skin cell protection against infrared and blue light emitted by mobile devices and computer screens, reducing oxidative stress.

Combines organic sunflower sprouts and powerful antioxidants from tara tree fruit extract.
It helps block infrared and blue light induced free radical formation, protects DNA cell activity, and prevents the loss of skin density upon sun and blue light exposure.

Both nature and skin have irregularities and imperfections,
yet it is natures imperfections that make you go "WOW!"

Embrace your natural beauty and strength...

“I'm not beautiful like you,​

I'm beautiful like ME!”

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About Elsewine

Elsewine Rietveld is happy to be a referrer for Hanzz and Heidii.
She was intrigued by the products because she's been focusing on pure and natural/organic products in food for over a decade, and skincare is important as well, as our skin is an organ.
She fell in love with the sensational products and loves her daily spa moments. 

With her confidence training she shares tools to be yourself when you speak to others, which aligns perfectly with the motto from Hanzz and Heidii: Be You/ Beautiful like you.

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