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HOW TO SCRIPT your videos - so you're never short for words!

I used to feel uncertain and uncomfortable in front of the camera. In the beginning, I didn't even press record... And when I did, I often stuttered or mumbled, forgetting what I wanted to say.
Over the years, I've discovered different ways to script my videos and I'm sharing my productive approach with you here in this masterclass!
(pssst, in this Masterclass are two tongue twisters that made it difficult for me - and I've kept them in)

This is what you get when you know how to script your videos:

  • No more worrying about how you should prepare for your videos, what to do, using an autocue or not...
  • The days that you look back at your video, cringing at the way you've rambled on, just didn't know what to say or went off-topic again... are OVER!
  • It becomes super easy to structure your content, because you now know exactly how to prepare and how this is different for the nine types of video that we go over in this Masterclass - they are very different, and so is the way to script them!
  • Seize your scripting guide for the price of a simple lunch: $14

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