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5 simple steps to overcome fear & shoot videos with confidence


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Are you making excuses out of fear, reluctance or tech-phobia?

Does any of these ring a bell:

- You see a lot of great videos online, but feel reluctant or even scared of making them yourself?

- You feel overly self-conscious, or start stuttering when you stand in front of a camera?

- You just don't know where to start and make the technical part happen?

Don't worry, you are not alone! In fact, most people have a fear of the camera, more or less. 
I did... In a deer-in-headlights kind of way! So I just did not do it, and avoided the camera.
But I wanted to make online courses.
When I watched online examples, I noticed that the ones I liked most had a person in it instead of only screencasts or audio. I really wanted to do something about that, so I could be on camera as well. Learning to master my Presence helped me greatly with this, thus I made that an essential step in my work where I help others overcoming their reluctance of working with the camera.

"Elsewine's video course was absolutely brilliant"

"I've taken several video courses and while they were excellent on the technical skills involved in creating great videos, they left me still struggling with being nervous on camera, lacking clarity on my messaging and overall right where I started. Elsewine's video course was absolutely brilliant. Thanks to her guidance I have overcome all these things and am no longer afraid of being seen AND I have crystal-clear, compelling messaging!"

Kelly Caldwell
Scorpio Press

The Create Awesome Videos course is a powerful combination of Presence practices, Mindset work, practical tools & tips and optimal preparation for making your own videos.

This practical program will help you make your videos in no time!

In 10 days you will:

- learn practical tools to speak in front of a camera with self-confidence

- overcome your reluctance toward and fear of making your own videos

- get technical tips to edit and publish your videos

I started to master my Presence with a method that is very practical and effective, which helps me in all my presentations, conversations and networking (and of course in front of the camera). Since then I've shot dozens of video lessons and blogs and found out how to create attention-grabbing videos. I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience with you so you can have a steep learning curve and start creating your own business-generating videos!  

Start creating your own magic now!

5 practical steps to shoot your own videos with confidence:

1. Mindset

2. Preparation

3. Practice

4. Shoot

5. Edit & Publish

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Tam V. Choose Big Change

“Elsewine's tools are useful both in business & in daily life”

"Having had the opportunity to use Elsewine's methods has resulted in a fascinating and unexpected result. More presence, more patience with myself, and an allover more grounded feeling have come at a time when I most needed it. 
I found Elsewine's tools useful in my business and in a day to day life as a busy entrepeneur. It's integral for the busy lifestyles we all lead.
Elsewine is one to watch.

Elsewine Rietveld created this program to support you on your journey to become more visible online - almost a must nowadays. Video is much more powerful than just a picture!

About Elsewine:

I am a former deer in the headlights when it came to public speaking and making videos, who turned into a Presence teacher and Kinesiologist, as these are the things that helped me overcome my fear of speaking to groups of people and to camera's. I teach entrepreneurs and professionals who want to improve their speaking skills on stage & on videos to speak with self-confidence and impact. The practices that I teach help them own their inner power and speak in a way which is authentic and charismatic.
My passions are mountains, Switzerland, chocolate and cats.

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