Boost your Confidence Bootcamp!
8 practical steps to overcome fear & speak with confidence

Increase your natural confidence

√ Without...
Faking, avoiding situations or using general tricks

√ Even if...
You lack confidence in different situations

√ So you can...
Be yourself and speak comfortably and with confidence in ANY situation (that might now still scare you)

I'm Elsewine Rietveld, a former deer-in-the-headlights when it came to speaking in front of a group of people. I'd literally freeze and forget what I was saying...
Do you recognize that?
In a meeting, I often felt uncomfortable and reluctant to share my opinions - though they were pretty unique and valuable to the discussion.
The first time I wanted to shoot a video, I set-up the camera and walked out the room... Too scared and uncomfortable to even press record!

Over the years, I've learned practical techniques on how to comfortably be yourself, go from self-consciousness to self-confidence, how to feel comfortable and speak up, be seen and increase your natural charisma.
I now love helping others with these practical and highly effective tools!

Are you making excuses out of fear, reluctance or speech-phobia?

Does any of these ring a bell:

- You see a lot of great speakers, but feel reluctant or even scared of speaking up yourself?

- You feel overly self-conscious, or start stuttering when you stand in front of a group of people or a camera?

- You just don't know how to feel relaxed and pleasant at a networking event?
- Every time you have to have a sales-conversation, you'd rather eat your shoe or leave?

Don't worry, you are not alone! In fact, people like you and me often have a lack of confidence, a fear of the speaking to groups or networking and many people dread a sales conversation (even when it's just pitching an idea). And don't even get started about being on (live) camera...
Or they're okay when the action starts, but worry frequently beforehand. 


Elsewine has given me concrete tools to be confident thanks to Presence, without it becoming arrogance. My work consists of weighing interests, negotiation, being clear and firm, taking the lead and keeping a good basic relationship with everyone involved. I can implement the skills learnt from the Presence workshop on a daily basis and it has increased my overall impact.

Ingeborg ter Laak CEO Zorgscala

The Boost your Confidence Bootcamp  is a powerful combination of  tools & practices and mindset work, with the focus on ACCOUNTABILITY & IMPLEMENTATION!

This practical Bootcamp will boost your confidence in 8 weeks!

There are a lot of tools and training out there, yet the KEY to success is in the implementation. You can have a trunk full of tools, a closet piling out with books or a library filled with knowledge...

I'm sure you agree with me that when you don't IMPLEMENT, nothing good comes from it!

In this Bootcamp, I share 8 powerful, life-changing tools and practices out of my Confidence Creation Framework. They're easy to implement in your daily activities and conversations, as long as you take the time and focus to do so.

And with this bootcamp aimed at accountability and implementation, you WILL!

No more excuses, no more overwhelm!

We're working together for 8 weeks, and each week we have:

√ Get practical tools to speak with self-confidence in ANY situation.

√ Overcome your reluctance toward sales- and networking conversations.

√ Ditch your self-consciousness and feel comfortable being seen and heard.
√  Feel relaxed when you're on camera, even when you're making live videos.


I'm using these practices whenever I can

Elsewine has the wonderful ability to help people seeing themselves differently. I got many new techniques which are totally easy to apply. I loved these techniques because it's not something you would read in a book. You can practice it all by yourself and you can literally use it always. When being on stage AND in your everyday life.

Elsewine gives a lot of good inputs and provides exercises that are very helpful. Haven't done any course to that subject before but I think she gives you all you need to know to feel more safe on stage and to let your light shine.

I'm using these practices whenever I can. Until now I haven't had any speech on stage but I'm sure that it will help me a lot when I'll have to talk in front of the masses.

Just do it! ;)

Beatrice Journalist

Elsewine Rietveld created this program to support you on your journey to become more visible, be seen and heard in a powerful way and increase your authenticity & confidence.

Boost Your Confidence!

About the BOOTCAMP:

1 Theme, 1 Practice and 1 Call every week for 8 weeks!

1. Centering & grounding and how to get there even when you're triggered

2. Shift Negative Beliefs to Positive in a quick and effective way

3. Energetic Boundaries and how to use these to increase your natural charisma and know-like-trust factor

4. Balance; how to set and reach your goals with this remarkable approach

5. Your Shadow and how to use it to your advantage (and find the gem in that what you usually avoid)
6. Joy in moving and speaking, so you become even more pleasant to watch and listen to

7. Clear communication where you stay grounded and true to yourself, increasing your peruasiveness

8. Sparkle your Energy and use your assets to draw people to you and have them like you and trust you

What does this mean to you:

We start each week with one training video, where I give you the practice for that week.
As it's all about doing, so as soon as you know how it works, you start training your "muscle", implementing the practice in your daily activities.
(Don't worry, no one will notice that you're doing that)

I'll be looking you over the shoulder and checking in with you on a regular basis to make sure everything is clear, and you're practicing every day. Ok, not literally of course, but in a digital way I will be your consciousness for this time (and I might do a little haunting when necessary - in a nice way of course).
We have a private facebook group, where we share aha's, questions and insights with each other. You can also ask me anything (within reason and mostly within the scope of the bootcamp of course).

“Elsewine is a professional and clear trainer with a golden method”


Elsewine is a professional and clear trainer with a lot of integrity and a golden method: The confidence creation framework. I give workshops myself and I’ve seen and done a lot at a very high level, so I always enjoy when I come across something really great. And this is it! Elsewine is a nice and ambitious confidence trainer and she’s all about 'practice what you preach'.

Lisa Portengen - Owner Smart& Sexy

“I thought this course would help me be better on camera, but it offered so much more!”


Elsewine has a holistic approach to becoming comfortable and confident in front of a group. This course will take you deep within yourself to uncover the blocks that you may have around presenting in front of small or large group. It is unlike any other course I've been in. The bigger thing for me was realizing that I could use these techniques in my everyday life. I thought this course would help me be better on camera, but it offered so much more!When you are looking to become more comfortable and confident in your regular conversations or presentations this course is for you! The future of business is being on camera and in front of an audience, this course will help you grow to truly Own Your Stage.

Danie Muniz - Empowerment + Mindset Coach

“Elsewines approach was extremely helpful to me”


Elsewines approach was extremely helpful to me. I was amazed at all the limiting beliefs that I still have, many of which I was aware of and many that I wasn't. Writing them down helped me to develop a real understanding of where they are coming from and what most of them are associated with. My days are much more positive, since I'm alert on my negative self talk and try to stop it when I catch myself having limiting thoughts.

Vivia Stephenson - Freelance Writer/Coach

“This programme has given me loads of tools to return to time and time again!”


This is a great way to learn how to feel more confident as a speaker, and to unblock any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. The training is very different. There are lots of fabulous tips, tools and strategies to help you step into your power as a speaker. I feel more confident about presenting to a larger audience. While I have done lots of training and group motivational speaking, going on stage to do a signature talk felt more daunting. This programme has given me loads of tools to return to time and time again.When you want to feel more confident as a speaker, and have better impact, while still being you then make sure you join!

Ruby McGuire - Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection

What it is

√ Practical effective Tools
√ Focus and Clarity
√ Step by Step
√ Easy to Implement
√ Accountability 

What it is NOT

- Common Tricks and Coping Shortcuts
- Overwhelm
- Only Theoretical input
- Hard to Implement
- Do it all by yourself (or should I say "don't do") 

Let's do the math...
Don't invest in yet-another do it yourself course, a jam-packed but overwhelming training or a video workshop which takes hours to watch and you get nothing concrete to do...

With the investment of $497,- you'll get tools that you can use the rest of your life and you will MASTER them with our implementation-focused strategy. It's a worthwhile investment in yourself that will lead to immediate AND long term results.
You owe this to yourself, act now!

You can also seize the VIP option for $647,- and get 3 private 45 minute sessions on top of the Bootcamp to focus even more on your personal progress, questions and preparation.

When you sign-up NOW and get in for the 50% reduced investment of $247 for the Beta group!
($397,- for VIP)

The Beta-group will start the end of september.

==> I've been teaching this method for more than 5 years to over 500 people and have gotten solid results, feedback and testimonials from those that implemented the practices.
As this will be the first time I'm running the Bootcamp, I offer it at this reduced price for a limited group. Make sure you reserve your seat in this group - Don't mis it!

Act NOW and sign up for the
Boost your Confidence Bootcamp!