Thank you for your interest in being a
Beta Tester for Own Your Stage!

This online is course full of valuable tools and practices that will support you to feel more confident and speak with impact. I know the method works, and I have booked solid results over the past 3 years teaching this in small groups and one to one.
Before I launch this course, I want to make sure everything works, there is nothing missing or not fitting in and the tech side works perfectly too...

Information & Requirements for signup

The Program

  • Own your Stage Program
    This program is for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to go from
    self-consciousness to self-confidence,
    and speak with impact in all conversations, presentations and videos.
  • Confidence, Impact & Charisma 
    You'll learn practical, effective tools that help you to be self-confident in your sales- and networking conversations, meetings, calls, presentations and on video. I often work with experienced speakers who immediately increase their impact and charisma.
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The Beta Testing

  • Setup
    We'll do the 6 weeks of the program together (about 2-4 hours per week) and interact in the special facebook group. There will be a few questionnaires to fill out for you, and a weekly 30 minute group call.
  • Present & Engaging
    The main requirements for Beta testers are, that you're present and really doing the practices, give feedback, be in the Facebook group, fill out the forms and join the calls (at least 4). In exchange you'll get lifetime access to the Own Your Stage program for FREE,
    so you can keep doing the practices and take it to the next level...


  • 6 week training starting august 15th, on august 10th announcement of participants that will join the program (based on your answers & luck to be in one of the spots)
  • Work during the week on the time that suits you on the video/audio/workbook practices
  • Be active in the Facebook group for support and even more effect of the program
  • Join the live 30 minute ZOOM sessions with your questions
  • Get access to the bonus program Energyboost
  • Fill out your feedback in the questionnaires
  • Possibility to become an affiliate and share the programs with others
  • This 997,- dollar program is for you for FREE, as I value your time, support and feedback
  • It's hard to estimate time but next to the 30 minute call, I think it'd take you about 2-4 hours a week to do the practices, sometimes less. Most practices you implement and practice further in your everyday situations.