"Here are the MISTAKES
that Bea Vernon du Medici is making...
can you Find the hidden one??"

Yay, you've watched the video and probably taken some (mental) notes on all the mistakes that Bea was making... When you'd like to watch it again, click here

Here's what she was doing wrong and how to avoid doing so yourself! 

Read about each part & tell me the which one is not revealed below, the HIDDEN MISTAKE!

Part 1


Telling people to hold their questions until the very end.


Taking too long to introduce herself, boasting about what she did in the past which was not relevant to the speech


You might as well have done a video... Public Speaking is about connection and interaction, so please take the questions when they arise.


Your audience is there to hear about your topic, so don't spend a disproportional part of your speech talking about yourself.
Keep it relevant

Part 2

She said that the topic she was talking about was boring


Turning her back towards the audience to read/point at the slides


Saying "I hope..."

NEVER say that what you say is boring. When it's too factual, juice it up. When it is too boring, leave it out!


NEVER turn your back towards the audience, you will lose connection. Find a way to point from the side, keep looking at your audience, and don't use it to look at to know what you're going to say.


When you say I hope... it implies that you're not certain about the value of what you told them.

Part 3

Too much text on the slide


Reading said text


Using jargon

Try to build your presentation with images only, and as little text as possible.


NEVER read aloud a slide... if you're presenting like that, it's better you just email them a piece of content.


Depending on your audience, but be aware of jargon and abbreviations your audience might not be familiar with.

Part 4

Going astray of the topic


Using a lot of "uuuhm"


Using fillers/stop-gaps ("you know")

Examples are very welcome, but try to focus on your story thread so your audience can keep up.


Train yourself to leave a moment of
silence instead of filling that with uhm.


Be aware of your filler words and, again, try to work with silence instead of those.

And now..... Did you find the HIDDEN mistake??

It's one of THE DEADLIEST SINS of presenting. Really.

Email me what you think this is and I'll reply to you and explain it.

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