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- a unique way to stand out! 


Why use my art work?

There are different reasons to create a picturesque you:

1) For personal use: Get a drawn character based on your picture(s). You can use this as a profile picture, in a card or print it to hang on your wall.

2) For business use: An avatar for your social media or website, an icon/avatar tracing image for your workbook pages or website or a portrait cartoon character.

3) As a gift: Surprise a friend or colleague with a unique and memorable gift by turning them into a cartoon or line art character.  Also a great idea for your pet!

Check out the Art Work Options 

Portrait Cartoon Character

€ 20,-
Max 5 days
3 revisions

Get a hand-drawn personalized Cartoon Character from your picture(s)!
You can use this on social media, as a new profile picture or email signature, or on your website. 
Cartoons attract attention & are memorable.

My Own Style

€ 30,- / 40,-
Max 7 days
3 revisions

A head and shoulder-, upper body or full body drawing of a character in my own style. This can be yourself or another person.  
You can use this as a profile picture, on your social media or just for fun.
My style Cartoons are unique, colorful and attract attention.

Line art Magic

€ 10,-
Max 3 days
3 revisions

Turn any picture or image into a simple drawing that you can use as a personalized icon or avatar.
You can use this as icon in your website thumbnail or in a workbook on every page to make it even more personal. 
Line art is simple, clear & inviting


Yes, I'm ready to order!


How the art is made: 


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How it works:

Click the button and fill out the form. It'll lead you to Paypal right after.

Regular orders are not to be used for resale or to print & sell products. For €75,- extra you'll get full commercial rights.

A basic order gives you 1 portrait, within max. 7 days (mostly it will be sooner) and 3 revisions.
There is an option for an add-on, to add an extra person or a  quicker return time.

When you'd like a different design, please contact me: EMAIL

Send your idea/question to me to discuss possibilities and receive a bespoke offer.

Once your payment has come through, I will start creating your design!
When it says "currently booked" on the button, there are too many orders waiting to take on new ones.
It will be opening again soon.

I look forward to it!

Kit xx

Yes, I'm ready to order!

I am

A 16 year old scholar from the Netherlands.
I'm bilingual in Dutch & English.
My passions are drawing, art, painting, music and animals.

I play drums, piano and I sing.
We have 2 cats that I love to cuddle with, and I'll never say no to Netflix.

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