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5 Ways to Put a Stop to Negative Self-Talk

Embrace Success through Self-Appreciation

Negative self-talk tends to dominate many of our lives, and we become our own biggest enemy. We focus on the things that we believe we are not doing right and begin to see ourselves as failures. Many of us aren’t aware of the ways in which these thoughts are affecting us. Below are 5 ways that you can stop these and put yourself on the path to greater success.

1. Realise that you are in control.

Even though there are external influences that affect our lives, we are basically the ones that really control them. This extends to our thoughts and the best thing to do is to put in as much effort as possible into making sure these are in our best interest.

2. Change the Thoughts.

Did you know that focusing on positives is the best thing for us to increase our success?! We are so used to thinking negatively, however, that this can be a very hard change. One way to trick your mind into reaching for positives is to first focus on the facts, which can lead us to the good in every situation.

3. Appreciate yourself.

Embracing your imperfections and seeing them as unique parts of yourself, as opposed to things that need to be taken out of your life, is a good way to increase self-confidence and gradually begin to appreciate who you are. Always focus on your strengths and doing things that you love will help to enhance these.

4. Make sure your thoughts are goal oriented.

We all have our goals and aims in life, and our own self-doubt is one of the things that keeps us from achieving them. Ask yourself one question every time you have a thought that might be putting you down in any way: “Is this helping me to achieve my goals?”
If the answer is no, there is no reason to hold on to it.

5. Do not compare yourself to others.

Comparing ourselves is normally the reason for much of our negative self-talk. Recognise that everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. Did you know in Spanish, the word comparison is translated as “little murder”?! Comparing yourself is doing neither party justice. It is much better to be the best version of you than to be somebody else’s shadow.

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