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5 tips to a Clear & Convincing Presentation

Give a Clear and Convincing Presentation – Without Having to Pull an All-Nighter to get ready

Whenever we are making a presentation our goal is to be able to captivate our audience and have them hanging on to our every word. In other words, we want to ‘Own our Stage.’ Without knowing how to present yourself it is impossible to get your point across, no matter how good the message is. Below are 5 simple suggestions that you can use to connect with your audience and deliver a clear and convincing presentation every time you get up to speak.

1. Know your Topic

Being prepared is the best way to both engage your audience and increase your confidence. Trust that you will be able to answer most questions that relate to the subject, as well as being completely honest when you are not sure (people always appreciate this) and offer to look it up and get back to them.

2. Know your Audience

In order to engage with others we must first have a good understanding of their needs. Before going to speak to a group of people, be aware of their expectations and what you would like them to take away from what you are saying. Always speak in a manner that flows naturally throughout the entire presentation, so that there will be no chance to lose their attention throughout the speech.

3. Relax

The best way to deliver a good presentation is to relax. This is the perfect state of mind recollection and once you ‘get into the zone’ you will automatically become more assertive.

4. Be Authentic

Believing in yourself and your message is the best way to get it across to others. Know who you are and what the message means to you and bring it across in a genuine way. Speak from the heart and everybody else will have no choice but to believe in it as well.

5. Tell a story

Giving an example is a great way to connect with people. They will be more likely to relate to what you are saying if they understand how the message can affect daily life.

Try these simple tips out the next time you are making a presentation and notice the change in both yourself and your audience. Want a practical tool to increase your presence, so you can be even more convincing? Watch the practice and start using it right away!

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