Free 5 day Video Challenge
Reveals how camera-shy business owners
can start to attract more clients by confidently creating videos 
that speak to their ideal audience

Join the Free 5-day Video Challenge and start to feel more calm & confident making videos, so you can stop procrastinating and increase instant know-like-trust with your ideal audience.


You missed out!

The next Challenge will start in 2021
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What can you expect from the Video Challenge:

  • You'll discover the simple steps that even experienced video makers overlook, that will increase your connection & know-like-trust factor instantly.
  • You'll get the insiders scoop on my method to get clarity and focus on the content for your videos, so you'll never run out of ideas.
  • I'll share simple and highly effective techniques that get you ready to create and post your videos, even when you haven't made a single videos until now.
  • You'll get exclusive access to the private Video Challenge Facebook Group, along with everyone else that signed up to the challenge (members only).
  • And you'll get a sneak peek into the magical practice from my confidence creation framework, that changed my life and that of all clients I've worked with.

Hosted by: Elsewine Rietveld

The free 5-day Video Challenge takes place in a dedicated Facebook group.
Every day at 6am, I'll share the task for that day in the group, and around 1pm I'll go live with a bonus task.

You can complete these within 15 minutes and share your results and questions in the group where I'll give feedback.
And you'll meet like-minded participants who want to go from 'behind the scenes' to easily video-visible just like you!

Results and experiences from those who worked with me:

Over the last years I've helped over five hundred business owners feel comfortable & confident when speaking to groups and on camera, with practical effective tools that helps you be yourself - even in a situation that feels uncomfortable or scary.

Do you think making videos is not for you?
You are not alone, the first time I setup a camera to create an online course (why start small, right), I walked straight out of the room!

Are you struggling with self-consciousness, not liking to watch yourself on camera or thinking "who would be interested in what I have to say?"

Or maybe you're stuck on what content to create and how to handle tech?

Then this challenge is a magnificent opportunity to start and change the 'video gremlins' (as many call them) and get practical, small steps that make a big difference in a week.

My 5-day Video Challenge takes place in a dedicated Facebook group, from Monday to Friday (June 8th - 12th) where we will dive into it together. 

And don't worry, the first 2 days we're not even starting with videos yet, as we're laying the foundation first.

I will be in the group every day to give feedback, answer questions and go live; we always see that for those who implement the step by step system and engage in all the posts, the week is most worthwhile.

Act now to get into the challenge, so you can make the most out of your videos.

Looking forward to seeing you inside!
Elsewine x

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