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& Visibility

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Rock Your Presentation

When you've always wanted to
nail your presentation, get my clear and supportive feedback and tips:

  • How to really connect with your audience, so they'll remember you and your message.
  • How to speak to the point and leave a great impression so that your audience will share your story with others.
  • Practical tools how to speak with confidence and charisma (even in difficult situations), so that you are a powerful and magnetic speaker.

Shatter Blocks & Beliefs

Take the next step into your success, unburdened by your blocks and beliefs:

  • How to find your Limiting Beliefs/Blocks, even the subconscious ones - and select the most important ones to start with.
  • How to discern whether you have the best positive tweak for your beliefs and when those beliefs are incorporated into your system.
  • To tap more into your intuition so you'll perceive less blocks (that often come from your mind interfering). 

Your Perfect Pitch

Stand out between the other pitchers whilst you feel confident and magnetic:

  • How to best prepare, so that you feel confident and don't lose sleep over the upcoming pitch.
  • How to be authentic and self-confident in front of the committee that is making a choice who they want for the job, so they'll know-like-trust you.
  • Finding out what blocks and beliefs could be playing a role, probably in your subconscious, which keep you from being at your best - and tackling those quickly.


Clarity Session

When you're about to make a decision, get reliable answers from your true self:

  • How to ground and get out of your head, where the brain/mind is complicating things
  • How to gain Clarity on a subject that's been haunting you for weeks or even months, keeping you indecisive on what to do next.
  • To reconnect with your desire and keep that fire burning, so you are constantly reminded of the next step to take.

Create Your Videos 

Feel confident that you can make your own unique videos that convert:

  • How to best prepare, so that you won't need over 20 takes for a one-minute video and you get to like yourself on camera.
  • Video review: Get feedback and practical tips how to improve your video and up your game, whether this is a facebook ad-, homepage- or pitch video 
  •  How to deliver your story in a convincing and inspiring way, so that people want to work with you and will know-like-trust you.

Kinesiology Session

Your subconscious determines 80% of the mind - talk to it and ask what's up:

  • We will start with the topic you bring forward, or test what the body wants to address first.
  • We then go searching for the element(s) that are causing that topic. This can be body/food related or it can come from an emotional or energetic imbalance.
  • When we know that, we'll look for the best approach. Some topics require a multi-step take on, and we'll test the steps needed to find solutions and balance.


Be Confidently Visible so you can grow your business and impact even more, kicking off 2017 in a revolutionary way!
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